Top 5 cafes in Faridabad-Best cafes in Faridabad

Hey guys, I am Ashish Rawat, Today I will tell you the top 5 cafes in Faridabad.

Top 5 Cafes In Faridabad

Nowadays there are so many cafes started in India and youngsters are so addictive of these cafes. they visit these cafes on regular basis nowadays youngsters have enough money to enjoy their lives like the way they want to spend. all the college going student or youngsters. In Faridabad, there are lots of cafes available for you to enjoys with your friends and many more also open in future also. so today I will tell you the top cafes in Faridabad.

1.The London Shakes & cafe.

best cafe in faridabad

so guys if you want to have some tasty snacks or starter then you must have to visit this cafe, This cafe has a beautiful ambiance. it has less space but the decoration of this cafe will definitely be made your day.

I also visit this cafe and I loved this cafe a lot the ambiance was good and the food was so tasty. if you go there then must try their “peri-peri fries” with “oreo shake”.

 Best selling items are:-

  • peri-peri fries.
  • oreo Shakes.
  • Mix sauce Pasta.

you also play many games with your friends in this cafe. they provide many games like ludo, chess, Uno etc. And this cafe is located in the Greenfield Faridabad. you can easily visit theirs by auto or metro.

2.Sukoon Cafe.

best cafe in faridabad

sukoon cafe

It is one of the top 5 cafes in Faridabad. this cafe is so nice the food is so tasty and the ambiance is so good. And also the location of this cafe is perfect because it is located inside a mall.

the cafe is located inside the best mall in Faridabad. you can easily reach there by using metro, auto or whatever you want to choose. The cafe has a very beautiful ambiance you will love the interior of this cafe.

They serve very tasty maggie you will definitely love the taste of that Maggie. this cafe is located “crown interiorz mall” in Faridabad near Sarai metro station.

Best selling items are:-

  • Masala maggie.
  • Chai.
  • pasta.

3. Open yard.

Best Cafe in Faridabad

Open Yard

This cafe is on the list of top 5 cafes in Faridabad. If you want to hang out with your friends then this is the best cafe for you. This cafe is perfect for eating tasty food with your loved ones it has h beautiful ambiance this cafe has indoor sitting as well as an open terrace facility.

I really love this place so much. This cafe is a little expensive but the interior and the decorations are so pretty you guys loved this cafe. This cafe is situated in Huda market sector 15. There are many cafes are also available but this is one of the biggest cafe and the best cafe in Faridabad.

They serve delicious butter chicken with butter naan. I loved the butter chicken of this place. The location of this cafe is so nice ita located in Huda market of sector 15 so the crowd comes here is so nice and gentle. You also can go with your boyfriend/girlfriend.

This cafe also gives you the decoration facility if you want to enjoy there with your friends on your birthday or any friends birthday. They decorate a table for you or you can decorate by yourself if you want to decorate your table they don’t take any money or charges if you decorate yourself.


best cafe in faridabad


This cafe is one of the top cafes in Delhi NCR. this cafe is located in Delhi’s neighbor city “Faridabad”. and this cafe is known for its beautiful ambiance and their party packages. if you want to have your own space then they provide you your own space by giving you a personal party room.

If you want to spend some time with your friends inside your separate party room then this cafe is waiting for you, you can go and book your party hall. they have a separate party hall for those who want to enjoy only with their friends.

They are known for:

  1. They have a separate party hall facility for their customer
  2. Beautiful ambiance.
  3. Interesting or attractive offer for their customers.
  4. Beautifully decorate party halls for their customers so if you want to give a surprise to your friend on their birthday when you book party halls at a very cheap price.

4. Brothers DA Dhaba.

best cafe in faridabad

Brothers Da Dhaba


This restaurant is a Punjab special restaurant. They serve the best Punjabi food in the city. You fall in love with the taste of their butter chicken.

There is a Bollywood printed wallpaper on the walls every wall has a different wallpaper of the best movies of the Bollywood. the ambiance of this restaurant is very beautiful. You capture very beautiful pics in this restaurant.

Their top dishes are:-

  1. Butter chicken with butter naan.
  2. Paneer lababdaar with butter naan.
  3. Paranthas.
  4. Kulfi.
  5. Gulab Jamun.

This restaurant is very expensive. But if you don’t have enough money to eat, then this restaurant is not for you because the price of their food is very expensive as compared to other cafes in the town.


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